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11 Reasons Why Homework Should Be Banned


It is a debate from a long time that is Homework Should Be Banned or not? Homework plays an important role in a student’s life and It is only the opinion of teachers and nothing more. Schools and colleges give a lot of work to the students. After 7-8 hours of school work, students may not be able to finish their homework. Some of the students don’t have enough information about homework, so they do it incorrectly. It is clearly a wastage of time. 

Sometimes teachers give new content to the students about which they don’t have any kind of background knowledge. It may feel like pressure and can be a cause of depression for students. 

Today’s parents do not have much time for their children. Today’s parents are working and have many responsibilities to fulfill for their children’s needs, so they can not properly look after their children. 

There are eleven reasons why homework should be banned, which are discussed below.

Discouragement among students 

After a long period of school work, students feel tired and are not able to do more work,so they may do it incorrectly, and the next day at school they may be punished by teachers. Some teachers and other students make fun of it , which is the main reason for discouragement. This is the first reason why homework should be banned.

Students do not have time for outdoor games.

Also, homework is the reason that students do not have time to play games ,both indoors and outdoors. A full day of school is enough to study and learn many things. But after this, the overload of homework keeps students very busy, so busy that they can’t play outdoor games.


Homework has a bad impact on tests. 

As discussed , students have no time for anything else. Students have no preparation time during the test. They can not give their best in tests because of homework. It has a very bad impact on tests.

Homework can be the cause of depression.


Surely , we can say that homework is a reason for depression in many ways. Students do not feel free because of homework. They do not have time for anybody, even for themselves. Homework is taking students into a corner of depression.

It restricts a student’s freedom.

Teachers give a lot of homework to the students after school and on holidays too. Teachers give assignments and many projects to the students. Everybody wants to enjoy their holidays, but because of homework , students are not free to go outside. In that way, homework restricts a student’s freedom.

This is the another big reason why homework should be banned.


Waking early in the morning is a good habit for everyone. But in this era, it is not possible for anyone to wake up early because of late night work. 

Students also do work till late at night because of the huge amount of homework . However, students should be required to wake up early for school, as lack of sleep can lead to health problems and depression. If students sleep for a long period, they will feel relaxed and energetic. 

On holidays, everyone wants to go outside with their families, and this is the only time when they can take a rest, but due to homework, it may not be possible because students have to finish their homework. Teachers also give assignments and projects to the students, which is another cause of burden for them.


Exercise makes us fit and healthy. As a result, we should make exercise a habit. Some outdoor games like cricket, football, basketball, etc., are also included in exercise. 

Students who are not in the habit of exercising can participate in outdoor games; however, due to the burden of homework, students are unable to participate in outdoor or possibly indoor games.

Doing exercises makes students feel refreshed. It diverts their minds from everything that is bothering them. Homework is the reason that students can’t do exercises and play games .



Everybody should have to understand that homework is not an achievement. There are many other ways to teach a student how to learn. Many students are not able to finish their homework correctly, or maybe they are unfamiliar with the topic. 

But nobody can judge a student’s ability on their homework. If a student is not able to understand the facts, it will control the student’s mind and can be a cause of the breakdown of the student’s confidence. 

Suppose a student does his homework incorrectly, the next day, the teacher or any student makes fun of it, the student will feel upset and may lose his confidence.So this is how a student feels low in confidence. That’s why homework should be banned.


Spending time with family is extremely important when you are young. It is the time when we make our relationships stronger and better. But after school hours, all the students’ time is consumed with homework. Homework reduces the amount of time that students should spend with their families. Spending time with family and others helps to understand how to live in society and how to form social bonds. So homework is the reason that students can’t spend time with their families, and that’s why homework should be banned.


After a long period of school, students feel tired and refuse to do their homework. Students want to rest after school. But doing their homework is also necessary for them . When parents force them to finish their homework and children disagree with that, there will definitely be an argument between the children and parents. Parents don’t want to force or scold their children, but due to homework, parents are forced to do so. So homework is also a reason for arguments between children and parents. This is also a reason that homework should be banned.


Many teachers and parents also believe that homework is a way to increase intelligence, but this is really not so. Teachers think that if they give homework, it will make the student’s memory better. Homework pushes a student to the corner of stress instead of encouraging them.

These are some important reasons why homework should be banned. 


In this blog, we have discussed why homework should be banned. I hope you have understood this blog. Homework is the biggest cause of stress and depression for students. If not banned, homework should be decreased for students so it does not become a burden on them.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this post about Homework Should Be Banned and we are able to clear all your queries. For more updates keep visiting our website regularly.

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