PTE reading tips

One of the prime PTE reading tips is to engage in as much reading as possible. 

Try writing your answers between 35–45 words. Avoid very long sentences, as the scoring algorithms may not be able to evaluate long sentences with great accuracy. 

You can read books, blogs, theories, reviews, notes, news, studies, stories, anything that is related to the subjects of the test. You can pick any genre that interests you.

PTE Academic is a time-bound test. Hence, it is essential that you master the art of reading quickly.

As you begin your PTE preparation journey, try to keep increasing your reading speed by setting a goal of reading a certain number of words within a certain span of time.

Along with speed reading, you also need to ensure that you are cognizant of what you are reading.

If you come across new words, you must look them up, understand their meaning, and even note them down for personal reference.

Speaking of reading thoughtfully, you have to focus on improving your grammar too. Pearson’s PTE study materials will help you cover everything from the basics to advanced in terms of grammar.

First, you can start with understanding English grammar. Reading excessively will help you come across the application of grammar in sentences. As you go on reading, you will become more familiar with it.