how much does it cost to study abroad

1. Tuition First and foremost, the primary expense for a majority of study abroad programs is tuition.

Tuition will vary depending on the program – whether it’s through your university or a program provider – and the type of funding your host institution receives.

2. Housing After tuition, rent and daily costs of living, such as food and entertainment can amount to a formidable expense as well.

Many study abroad programs will include this price in the upfront program fees, including if you are living in a homestay or dormitories with meals provided.

3. Transportation The last major expense to take into consideration will be travel costs. Some programs will include the cost of flights to your host country, some won’t. 

You’ll want to make sure you know exactly what your program fees cover ahead of time.

4. On Going, On the Ground Support No one wants to wake up in the middle of the night puking their brains out (ever), but not especially if you are alone in a foreign country,

This is a pretty awful example, but it does allude to the value of paying for on going, on the ground support while you are abroad.