Football World Reacts To Brent Musburger, Katherine Webb News

In the BCS National Championship Game between Notre Dame and Alabama, Musburger, the play-by-play announcer for ABC's Saturday night college football game,

Before becoming his wife, Webb was AJ McCarron's girlfriend at the time, and they were both seated next to the latter's mother. 

During the game, Musburger couldn't help but commend McCarron's mother and girlfriend.

Musburger remarked, "I'm telling you, your quarterbacks, you get all the attractive women." Wow, such a gorgeous woman.

Musberger eventually responded to such remarks on a recent episode of "The Shamrock" podcast. He said that he was painted as a bad guy.

In the perspective of the media, particularly the awakened journalists of several of the publications throughout the nation, Musburger claimed, "I was the villain that night."

Soccer supporters didn't waste any time responding to Musburger's latest remarks.

Musburger undoubtedly has no regrets about his remarks.