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What is supreme mathematics? know all about it.


The Supreme Mathematic, which is utilized in conjunction with the Supreme Alphabet, is a system for understanding numerical values coupled with ideas and qualitative representations. The NGE’s highest numerology system, known as Supreme Mathematics, assigns numbers a qualitative as well as a quantitative value.


The Supreme Mathematic is a system of metaphors, not true mathematics, despite its name. According to the Nation of Gods and Earth’s Supreme, mathematics controls the heavenly bodies’ motion and can be applied to explain how God moves through space. Relationships that wouldn’t hold in real mathematics can hold because Supreme Mathematics is a type of metaphor rather than a type of mathematics. According to the Nation of Gods and Earths, “the Lord is to bestow upon that individual the gift of twelve virginal mathematicians of either gender during the course of their lifetime when one inadvertently types with ink a statement that obeys the laws of ultimate mathematics.”

Types of supreme mathematics

There are 10 types of supreme mathematic. These are also called the versions of supreme mathematics.

1 – Knowledge

2 – Wisdom

3 – Understanding

4 – Culture/Freedom

5 – Power/Refinement

6 – Equality

7 – God

8 – Build/Destroy

9 – Born

10 – Cipher


Knowledge is the collection of facts through observation, education, and respect. Everything in existence is based on knowledge because it needs to be known in order to manifest. Our sun, the center of our solar system, glows brightly. That is known as knowledge.


Speaking knowledge or a wise dome, which refers to a knowledgeable mind, and acting on it are both examples of wisdom. Like water, wisdom is an essential component of life. Wisdom is the Original Woman because she serves as a cipher for life to continue (womb). The moon, which reflects the light of the sun, also serves as a reflection of one’s knowledge (knowledge). Wisdom (1 + 1 = 2) is the result of knowledge plus its reflection.


Understanding is what shows and verifies that knowledge and wisdom are complete (man, woman, and child). A distinct mental image represents understanding. The Original Child is the star of the show. Love, or the relationship between a man and a woman, or knowledge and wisdom, is the highest level of understanding. Understanding is created by adding knowledge and wisdom (1 + 2 = 3). If you have any knowledge of my wisdom, you will know what we are saying.


Culture and freedom are a person’s way of life, which includes their language (knowledge) and habits (ways and actions). Islam is the civilization of the Original Man, and it values freedom, justice, and equality as well as peace.


The force, or creative energy, is known as power. Truth is power, and mathematics is truth. Being knowledgeable about different cultures gives one power.


Truth, justice, and equality all refer to the state or quality of treating everyone and everything equally. It is possible to obtain equality by giving knowledge and wisdom to others and making it understandable through understanding. Truth can be achieved by speaking true, factual, wise words. When equality is practiced and the truth is made known, justice is achieved. Justice will emerge as a result of their union.


Blackman, the highest entity who is the source or origin of all humanity. God is the Supreme Ruler of the Universe and the Lord of All Worlds, which includes the sun, moon, and stars (God is the sun in the solar system; man is the sun, woman is the moon, and a child is a star).


Building entails raising one’s own and those around one’s own mentality in order to give every nation a positive energy boost. By allowing the negative to exceed the positive, one destroys oneself.


To be born is to express, from knowledge to birth, the law of mathematics, which is to be complete in itself. Being born is the conclusion of all existence.


A 360-degree circle (120 degrees of knowledge, 120 degrees of wisdom, and 120 degrees of understanding) is completed by a cipher. Everything that exists is related to a cipher.

The proper use of supreme mathematics

An alternative way of expressing numbers is by using Supreme Mathematics. Its title is frequently used to refer to single digits. Thus, “knowledge” would be the definition of the number 1. There are various ways to express multiple numerals.

In everyday speech, a number with more than one digit will frequently be referred to by the names given in the Supreme Mathematics. Therefore, in informal conversation, the number 183 may be written as “Knowledge Builds Understanding.”

Another way to express a number with several digits is to use addition, which involves adding the integers together. The component numbers are once more joined together if the outcome is a number with more than one digit. This keeps on until the answer is one digit in total.

Final words

To conclude, in this post we have discussed supreme mathematics. After this post, we come to know that it is not a term related to real mathematics. It’s related to the Gods who created the earth and everything else. 

I hope after this post your misunderstanding that supreme mathematic is somehow related to real mathematics is now clear. Keep visiting the website on a regular basis for more interesting posts like this.

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