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Study In Ireland For Indian Students: Best Universities

Study In Ireland For Indian Students

The requirements for study in Ireland for Indian students will be covered in this blog. So let’s get going.

Like the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia, Ireland is a popular destination for overseas students seeking higher education.

Ireland is seeing an increase in foreign students as a result of its top-notch universities and educational system.

Ireland is regarded as a welcoming and secure nation for overseas students. Its position in the GPI was number eight.

Study in Ireland for Indian students has some advantages. The most important one is that Irish institutions provide degrees that are comparable to those from British universities so that students can take advantage of them.

Two Irish universities are among the top 100 worldwide universities, according to the Times Higher Education (THE) World University Rankings.

Trinity College Dublin is the other, while the first is University College Dublin (83rd) (99th).

Why Study Ireland?

Ireland is an English-speaking nation, so a student with a strong command of the language won’t have any issues there. Below are a few justifications for picking Irish universities as a place to further your studies.

  • Irish universities are regarded as having the highest education since they provide courses in every field of study and provide high-quality instruction.
  • Ireland’s government invests a large sum of money in its educational system. Additionally, the Irish government offers grants to study in Ireland for Indian students for undergraduate and graduate education.
  • In addition, compared to institutions in Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States, tuition at Irish universities is extremely reasonable for students from India.
  • The majority of Irish institutions offer internships to students throughout or after they have finished their programmes. Students who successfully complete their courses are also given an Ireland work permit, sometimes referred to as a “green card,” by the country.

Study Intakes In Ireland

In Ireland, there are primarily two intakes for foreign students. The following table provides a list of Irish university admissions to aid in your understanding.

SessionIntakeApplication deadline
AutumnEarly September to DecemberFebruary to July
SpringLate January to MaySeptember to October

Best Courses Offered By Irish Universities

The variety of courses given by Ireland’s leading universities is one of the primary advantages for Indian students considering studying there. The following is a list of some of the best courses provided by Irish universities.

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Aviation/Aeronautics Management
  • Business Analytics 
  • Big Data
  • Computer Science
  • Cyber Security
  • Cloud Computing
  • Data Analytics
  • Data Science
  • Digital Marketing
  • Investment Banking and Financing 
  • Software Engineering

The Top Universities In Ireland

The top public universities in Ireland are listed below for your enrollment.

  • University College, Dublin
  • Trinity College, Dublin
  • Dublin City University
  • National University of Ireland, Galway
  • University College Cork
  • University of Limerick
  • Maynooth University
  • Technological University of Dublin
  • Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland
  • Shannon College of Hotel Management

Study Costs In Ireland For Indian Students

ProgramsCost in EuroCost in INR
UG€6000 – €25,000INR 4,90,000 – INR 20,00,000
PG€4000 – €9000INR 3,50,000 – INR 7,90,000
Ph.D.€6000 – €10,000INR 3,50,000 – INR 8,16,000
MBA€20,000 – €35,000INR 17,50,000 – INR 30,79,000
MBBS€27,000 – €40,600INR 24,00,000 – INR 36,00,000

This is the typical tuition fee to study in Ireland for Indian students.

Living Costs In Ireland For Indian Students

Ireland has a low cost of living when compared to places like the USA, the UK, and Australia. But its cost of living is high when compared to India. This is a result of the Irish people having a high standard of living.

The cost of living is broken down in the table below for your convenience.

The type of expenseExpense in EuroExpenses in INR
Accommodation €665 – €1000INR 55,000 – INR 82,000
food €250 – €350INR 21,000 – INR 30,000
Utility €29 – €52INR 2,500 – INR 4,400
Transportation €50 – €55INR 4,100 – INR 4,500
Mobile €19 – €52INR 1,900 – INR 4,300
Miscellaneous €60 – €100INR 4,900 – INR 8,200

These are the essential costs associated with an Indian student’s studies in Ireland.

Ireland Study Visa

Ireland, commonly known as the “country of scholars and saints,” is well known for its high standard of instruction.

You need a study visa for Ireland if you want to attend an Irish university. The Irish embassy primarily issues two categories of visas to students.

  • C student visa
  • D student visa

C student visa: You must apply for the C student visa if the length of your study is three months or less.

D student visa: You must apply for a D student visa if you select a course of study that will last more than three months.

Required Exams For Study In Ireland

IELTS : Ireland’s institutions accept applicants with an aggregate IELTS score of 6.5 or higher. Each person’s score must be at least 5.5. However, it also hinges on the school you’re applying to.

PTE : Several renowned Irish universities accept the PTE results as well. A PTE score of 63 or higher is required for admission to Irish colleges; it cannot be lower than 59.

TOEFL : A student may enroll in any Irish university with a TOEFL score between 79 and 92. However, the majority of colleges demanded a minimum TOEFL score of 79, while the top universities demanded a minimum score of 90. There are tests available both online and on paper.

Scholarship For Indian Student To Study In Ireland

Name Of ScholarshipDetails about scholarshipAmount in Euro (€)
BeArt Presets Academic ScholarshipsStudents pursuing any degree€1905
Boehringer Ingelheim Fonds PhD FellowshipsStudents pursuing a doctoral program in Biomedical ResearchVariable monthly stipend
Educational Future International ScholarshipStudents seeking all Bachelor’s & Master’s€2500 – €12,261
University of Westminster Undergraduate Distant Horizons AwardsThe University of Westminster: Bachelor’s degree students€500 – €1500
Richard. A Freund International ScholarshipAll Master’s and Ph.D. students can apply€4763
NUI Undergraduate Merit ScholarshipsAll Bachelor’s students in NUI50% off on tuition fees
Sports Scholarships at Maynooth UniversityStudents pursuing Master’s & Ph.D. is sports-related disciplines at Maynooth UniversityVariable amount
JN Tata Endowment for the Higher Education of IndiansAll Indian students doing Master’s, Ph.D., and Post-Doctoral€1226 – €12,266
Narotam Sekhsaria ScholarshipIndian students  seeking their Master’s€24,534
Khyentse Foundation Individual Practice GrantsStudents doing Master’s in Buddhist Study and PracticeVariable amount

The Ireland Study Visa For Indian Students Required Documents

The list of documents needed to study in Ireland for Indian students is provided below. Indian students must have certain documents in order to study in Ireland.

  • Valid Passport
  • Letter of Acceptance from the college/university
  • Proof of registration and payment of the tuition fees and registration
  • Proof of financial funds
  • Medical insurance details
  • Two passport-sized photographs
  • Study Permit and visa
  • Evidence to explain any gap (In education)
  • English Proficiency Test Result

NOTE: The need for an English language test varies depending on the programme and the universities. Some colleges and institutions, including Maynooth University, the National University of Ireland, the University of Limerick, and the Royal College of Surgeons of Ireland, do not demand English language proficiency exams.

The Grading Scale System In Ireland

ScaleExplanationCorresponding Grade in other countries
70.00 – 100.00First Class HonorsA
65.00 – 69.99Upper Second Class Honors (2.1)A-
60.00 – 64.99Upper Second Class Honors (2.1) B+
50.00 – 59.99Lower Second Class Honors (2.2) B
45.00 – 49.99Class 3 Honors or Pass B-
40.00 – 44.99Class 3 Honors or Pass C
0.00 – 39.99Failed F

Steps To Apply For A Visa To Study In Ireland For Indian Students

You must submit an online application for an Ireland visa in order to obtain a study visa. These three easy procedures will help you apply for an Irish visa.

  • You must first finish the online visa application process for Ireland. The system will then generate a summary application form for you automatically.
  • You can find instructions on how to submit your supporting documents in the summary application form. You must follow the specific instructions.
  • You must then print the summary application form, sign it, and add a date. then upload it together with your supporting documents to the website.

Conclusion (Study In Ireland For Indian Students)

How to apply for a visa to study in Ireland for Indian students is covered in this article. The many sorts of study visas, the paperwork needed to apply for one, and how to do so are then covered. With regard to top universities and courses, the average cost of life and education is reviewed.

We sincerely hope you have enjoyed reading this article on Indian students’ study visas in Ireland. Visit our website frequently to see more stuff this engaging.

You should also read our other blog, “The Best Places to Study Abroad for Indian Students in 2023.”

FAQs (Study In Ireland For Indian Students)

Is Ireland safe for Indian students?

Ireland was in the top 10 nations on the Global Peace Index in both 2017 and 2018. Ireland is one of the most welcoming and secure nations for students from India.

What is the MS study cost in Ireland?

When living expenses are taken into account, the average cost of an MS degree in Ireland ranges from 5,000 to 25,000 Euros a year. It is around 4 to 22 lakhs in Indian rupees.

How much do students earn in Ireland?

Depending on where you are staying, Dublin’s minimum wage differs. In Ireland, particularly in Dublin and Cork, the minimum wage for part-time employment is between 10 and 20 euros per hour. Outside of Dublin, part-time employment pays a minimum wage of 8 to 9 euros per hour.

Can I settle in Ireland after study?

Usually, the Irish government will grant you a work visa for the time frame you requested. This group includes both those with regular work permits and those with permits for critical skills. The typical duration of a work permit is between six months and two years, with a potential three-year extension.

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