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Java Vs JavaScript: The Best Differences Everyone Must Know

Both Java and JavaScript are widely used in the programming world. You can’t avoid using Java and JavaScript if you have even a passing interest in coding.

Java vs JavaScript: It’s a common misperception that Java is simply JavaScript compressed. Despite certain similarities, the ways in which these languages are used are very different. These languages are employed in a wide range of programming-related applications. JavaScript is used on HTML text and browsers, but Java is used to construct applications for devices and browsers.

What is Java?

Millions of devices use the object-oriented programming language and software platform known as Java. Laptops, smartphones, game consoles, and even medical equipment use this language. Java’s syntax and underlying philosophy are derived from C and C++.

For programming and software development, MNCs (Multinational Corporations) like Android SDK, Docker, Spring Boot, and Senty use Java.

What is JavaScript?

JavaScript is a dynamic programming language that may be used to build a variety of things, including websites, web applications, games, and more. With it, you can give websites dynamic elements that you couldn’t do with just HTML and CSS.

It adheres to client-side programming standards. It operates in the user’s web browser without using any resources from the web server. XML, REST APIs, and other technologies are among those that JavaScript supports. Today, JavaScript uses Node js-related technologies as well.

At the end of the post, you will find some frequently asked questions (FAQs) on Google.

Java vs JavaScript: Key differences between Java and JavaScript

  • Scripting is what JavaScript is. In contrast, Java is an object-oriented, network-centric programming language that is multi-platform.
  • Java is a strongly typed language. While JavaScript is weakly typed.
  • Java has a “.java” file extension, but JavaScript has a “.js” file extension.
  • JavaScript is a cross-platform language. Java enables the creation of code that may be executed on any computing platform.
  • JavaScript is a dynamic language, as opposed to Java, which is a static language.
  • The client interprets JavaScript. Java is compiled on the server before being executed on the client.

For more differences Java vs JavaScript, keep reading!

  • Because all of the objects in Java are class-based, you cannot develop any program in Java without first establishing a class. The objects in JavaScript are prototype-based.
  • The Java Virtual Machine, or JVM, runs the source code that Java has translated. Java files have the “.Java” extension. While “.js” is the file extension for JavaScript. It is interpreted rather than being compiled. Every browser has a JavaScript interpreter to run JS code.
  • A standalone language is Java. JavaScript, on the other hand, is included into the HTML of the web page where it is present.
  • In the case of Java, the method to concurrency is thread-based. While in JavaScript, the approach to concurrency is event-based.
  • Java offers multithreading capability. While JavaScript does not allow multithreading.
  • While Java is exclusively utilized for the backend, JavaScript is beneficial for both the frontend and the backend.
  • Comparatively speaking, JavaScript uses less memory than the Java programming language.
  • JavaScript requires a text editor or the browser console to run any code. Java needs the JDK (Java Development Kit) to run any code.
  • The data types in JavaScript are not declared in the syntax. Data types must be declared in the Java programming language syntax.

These are the main differences between Java vs JavaScript, that everyone should know. Also know about the differences between small data vs big data.

Features of Java

  • Any computing platform can execute code that has been run just once.
  • It is made to be used for creating object-oriented applications.
  • It is a multithreaded language with autonomous memory management.
  • Because it is network-centric, it makes distributed computing simpler.

Features of JavaScript

  • Strong testing workflow
  • Easy to learn
  • A cross-platform language
  • Mainly used for client-side and server-side

Java vs JavaScript: Coding example

Coding in Java for “Hello Word” is as given below

class A {

 public static void main(String args [] ) {

      System.out.println(“Free Course Tutorial”);



Coding in JavaScript for “FREE COURSE TUTORIAL” is as given below



    <title>My First JavaScript code!!!</title>


        alert(“Free Course Tutorial!”);






Benefits Of Java

  • It’s simple to learn Java. 
  • It’s object-oriented, like Java. 
  • Java works across all platforms.

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Benefits Of JavaScript

Here are a few benefits of using JavaScript:

  • Fast
  • Simple 
  • Popular
  • Interoperable 
  • Server Load
  • Rich Interfaces
  • Extended Functionality
  • Versatility


We have covered Java vs JavaScript in this article, including their definitions and key distinctions. With a code example, key aspects of both languages are also highlighted.

Despite the fact that they are completely different from one another, both of these individuals are crucial to the IT sector.

The use of each language varies depending on the requirements of developers, and each language has its own significance and advantages. A few Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) are also addressed towards the end of the article.

I hope you’ve liked learning about Java vs JavaScript in this article.


Is JavaScript simpler to learn than Java?

JavaScript’s syntax is less rigid than Java’s. Additionally, compared to Java, JavaScript has a lesser set of instructions. JavaScript code is also similar to text, making it simple for anybody to understand. As a result, JavaScript is believed to be simpler to learn than Java.

Does one need to be a Java expert to comprehend JavaScript?

No, learning Java before JavaScript is not required because there is no overlap between the two languages. Anyone who is familiar with programming fundamentals can pick up JavaScript quickly.

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