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10 Simple Tips on How to Prepare For Duolingo English Test

How to prepare for Duolingo English Test

The new English language test is the Duolingo English test. Most students are confused about how to prepare for Duolingo English test. This exam has quickly gained recognition and is now quite well-liked by students who desire to study abroad. At a very small scale, this test was initiated in 2016.

It is currently as popular among students as the PTE and IELTS tests. This test is being chosen by students because, in comparison to other English language exams, it is quite inexpensive. Additionally, its result is available in 48 hours.

How to prepare for Duolingo English test is the first thought that crosses a student’s mind when he or she decides to take the language test.

We’ll provide you some advice directly from the experts in this blog post that will help you pass the test and achieve your goals.

How to Prepare For Duolingo English Test

After reading these suggestions, we hope you will have the answer to your question about “how to prepare for Duolingo English test?”

Take a Duolingo Test walkthrough

The ideal place to get your bearings is to start here. Start becoming acquainted with the exam by viewing a brief video tour on the Duolingo test website before you even begin studying.

You can quickly learn some important details about how the test works, what some of the questions look like, and how to register and prepare for the exam itself in this three-minute video.

Take a Duolingo sample test

Before taking the actual exam, you should take the Duolingo English practice test. The Duolingo exam has the advantage of being accessible from home. Additionally, there is no need for a prior application. You purchase the exam from the Duolingo English Test’s official website whenever you feel prepared to take it. After purchasing the exam, you can take it right away.

You encounter every type of question that appears on the exam when taking the Duolingo sample test. You may simply study for the exam by doing this.

Duolingo Speaking Exercises

You must speak for one to three minutes during the speaking portion of the exam. You are a generic subject that is sometimes challenging for a native speaker to speak.

These questions are designed to see how quickly you can research a subject and how you react to new material.

You must study any issue relating to politics, education, general conversation topics, and many more in order to be prepared for this type of exam question. While discussing the subject, you should record yourself, and you must then listen to the recording.

You become accustomed to hearing your own voice, which is the main advantage of doing so. You will be the only one speaking, just like in the exam, and occasionally applicants may find it unsettling to hear their own voices.

Download the Duolingo test official guide

You can also benefit greatly from downloading the official study guide for the Duolingo English exam. We suggest that you obtain a copy of the official study manual, since the test creators are the best resources for guidance, tips, and progress strategy notes.

You only need to register on the Duolingo Exam’s official website in order to download the study guide. You can obtain the exam guide from there after registering.

Don’t leave it until the last minute!

It is suggested that you study for the test for at least one month or six weeks. You can give yourself plenty of time for preparation by doing this.

Don’t stop studying for the test until the final day before it because you’ll feel more at ease taking it if you practice.

You need not be concerned if, even after a month, you still feel unprepared for the exam. Since we already explained, there is no need to schedule the exam in advance. Just buy the exam when you feel prepared to take it.

Real-world English is key!

Due to the fact that neither academic nor researchable questions are included in the Duolingo exam.

You must use the question format in everyday situations if you want to be well-prepared for the Duolingo exam questions. The following actions can be taken as preparation.

  • Try to describe whatever image you come across in a photo or elsewhere.
  • Try to read anything you are reading aloud.
  • listen some English music
  • Watch films in English.

Become familiar with Computer Adaptive Testing (CAT)

You should be aware of how the Duolingo English test uses computerized adaptive testing.

When you correctly respond to a question on this test, the difficulty level of the subsequent question automatically increases.

The subsequent questions get a little bit simpler if you don’t correctly answer a question.

You may therefore conclude that the Duolingo English Test is designed to accurately reflect your level of English proficiency.

Get to know the Duolingo question types

You should be familiar with each and every type of question before taking the exam. The possible exam questions are below.

  • To make words in a text complete, fill in the blanks.
  • (text or audio) Find “real” English words and “false” English terms.
  • After hearing it, write a sentence.
  • Record your voice speaking and writing sentences.
  • Exactly describe an image (Writing or speaking).
  • Answer a question with a few phrases (around 50 words).
  • Speak for 30 seconds in response to a text or voice query.
  • Give an open speech on the assigned subject for 1-3 minutes.
  • Write for 3 to 5 minutes about the assigned subject.

Practice test, practice test, practice test!

The better things will be for you as you practise more. Take the free test offered on the Duolingo exam’s official website once or twice a week. The most crucial preparation advice for the Duolingo English test was the last one.

Get familiar with the test day rules

You must adhere to a few rules on the day of the exam.

Items needed for the exam

  • a picture ID issued by the government (passport)
  • a serene space (because if the examiner finds any external noise in the exam, then they can cancel your exam).
  • Good illumination
  • computer with microphone and webcam
  • dependable Internet connection

Test regulations

  • No headphones are permitted, and ears must be clearly seen.
  • Your eyes must be clearly visible in order to see the eye movements, and you should be alone in the space.
  • Neither a textbook nor a phone
  • The test window cannot be closed.
  • No communication is allowed with anyone in any way.

We hope these pointers have helped you find the solution to the question of “How to prepare for Duolingo English Test” after reading them.

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We have covered how to prepare for Duolingo English test in this blog. You now have access to our top 10 exam preparation suggestions. These pointers come right from our knowledgeable staff. By carefully applying these straightforward strategies, you can easily get a Duolingo Exam score of 140 or higher. We also offer some advice and guidelines that you must adhere to on exam day.

We sincerely hope that we were able to answer all of your questions on how to prepare for Duolingo English test.


How do I pass the English test on Duolingo?

Learn and use fresh vocabulary.
Improve your listening abilities.
Get used to hearing American accents.
Get comfortable with sentence intonation.
Test your vocabulary and pronunciation skills.

How much time does it take to prepare for the Duolingo English Test?

How much time is spent studying for the test varies from person to person. However, you must prepare for the exam for at least two weeks in order to fully understand it and become accustomed to its format and organization.

Is Duolingo English Test hard?

Compared to other English language examinations, Duolingo’s exam takes less time. But in order to answer the exam questions, you need to be proficient in the language. So, you could argue that this test’s difficulty level is comparable to that of other English language exams.

How many times can I retake Duolingo test?

Once you’ve taken the exam, you should wait for the results. Within 48 hours, Duolingo test results are released. Within 30 days, 3 tests may be purchased. Your time frame begins on the day that you buy the first test.

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