Blacklisted colleges in Canada: Colleges to avoid

Some students risk losing their money when they enroll at blacklisted colleges in Canada without knowing it. The government does not consider diplomas or degrees that these institutions offer. Thus, the degrees of these colleges are useless to students. Students waste their time and money attending these schools. The students’ hopes and dreams are destroyed by this scam. To avoid similar situations, it is recommended to conduct thorough research before applying to any university in Canada. You can also seek assistance from a professional in the field of study visas who has a lot of experience and expertise.


In the upcoming paragraphs, you’ll be able to find an accurate list of schools and colleges that are blacklisted by the Canadian government.

Before you look at the list of blacklisted colleges in Canada first, it is essential to know what the meaning of “blacklisted college” really means.

What is the actual meaning of blacklisting?

It’s an action where a government, or group of people, creates a list of businesses, countries, or individuals that must cease cooperating with them since they are engaged in any kind of criminal or illegal activity.

A college or university is listed as a “blacklist” when it does not follow the regulations set by the authorities. The diploma or degree you earned is nothing more than a piece of paper when you get it from a blacklisted school or university.

What exactly does a blacklist college mean?

A school or college that is blacklisted is one that has lost all its licenses because of illegal activities. After being blacklisted, diplomas and degrees issued by that institution become non-recognizable by the federal government. It is not worth the diploma or degree awarded from a college that has not been recognized by the government.

There are a variety of reasons why colleges are banned. The most frequent reason is that the college is involved in any kind of criminal activity. There are other motives mentioned below that can lead to the school’s being included on the list of colleges that are blacklisted.

  • If a school refuses the renewal of its membership or applies for admission, the college will be unable to
  • If a school has inadequate infrastructure.
  • If a school is involved in the illegal admission of students
  • If a college isn’t able to establish an effective relationship between lecturers and students
  • If a college hires unqualified and inexperienced staff, it could be blacklisted.
  • If a school isn’t capable of paying its fines and fees,

Tips to check colleges that are blacklisted in Canada


Tip 1 – Go to the official site for the institution you wish to verify the validity of its license.

Tip 2 – Make sure to also go to the official website of the organization that issued the license. This will help you determine whether the license is valid.

Tip 3 – You can examine the designated learning institutions on the list of colleges within Canada through the official site of Canada Immigration. You must enter into the search box the name of the province where your college of choice is located. Then you will see a list of the designated universities in that province. It is possible to check if your preferred college is listed or not. If the college you want to attend isn’t listed there , then it’s one of the colleges on the blacklist located in Canada.

The consequences of receiving a degree or diploma from blacklisted colleges in Canada

  • The majority of companies and government institutions do not consider degrees and diplomas from colleges that are blacklisted. They won’t let you join their ranks with a degree or diploma from an institution that is blacklisted.
  • You’ll waste your time and money by attending a blacklisted colleges in Canada. You’ll only be able to earn one piece of paper from this college that is not worth the effort.
  • If you want to work, you must obtain the same degree from a reputable college. This is going to cost you more cash and could be extremely stressful at times.
  • If a college is blacklisted, it harms the image of the college. Because no one would like to go to a college that is not licensed by the government. This is why students withdraw their applications from the college and the institution may even cease to operate.

Therefore, there’s no reason to waste your hard-earned cash and valuable time by enrolling in a blacklisted colleges in Canada. Take a look at the list of colleges that were blacklisted by the federal government of Canada.

list of blacklisted colleges in Canada

This is a list of colleges in Canada that have been banned by Canadian government officials. Colleges can be banned for violating laws enacted by the government to regulate colleges. This list can help you avoid being enrolled in colleges that are blacklisted or banned. More than 30 colleges’ names are listed below. Make sure to go through the list before applying to any university in Canada.

Blacklisted colleges in Canada:

  1. Quest Language Studies Corp.
  2. Seneca Groups Inc. o/a Crown Academic International School
  3. Everest Colleges of Canada Inc. (Everest)
  4. Falaknaz Babar or Grand International Professional School,
  5. Toronto College of Technology Inc.
  6. Addison State University
  7. Brainwells University
  8. Management Institute of Canada
  9. Newton University
  10. Trafalgar Distance Learning Institute
  11. Phoenix Aviation Flight Academy
  12. Central Beauty College
  13. Creative Career Systems Inc.
  14. Champion Beauty School Ontario, Inc.
  15. Durham Flight Centre Inc.
  16. School Of The Photographic Arts: Ottawa
  17. Academy of Teaching and Training Inc.
  18. Huron Flight Centre Inc. or Huron Flight College
  19. All Metal Welding Technology Inc.
  20. CanPacific College of Business & English Inc.
  21. CLLC Canadian Language Learning College Inc.
  22. Guyana Training School for International Skills Inc.
  23. Access Care Academy of Job Skills Inc.
  24. Archer College Language School Toronto
  25. Emmanuel Academy of Health, Business & Technology
  26. JRS College of Business and Health Care Inc. or JRS College of Business and Health Care
  27. Upper Madison College
  28. Education Canada College
  29. Weston Reserve University
  30. College of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Pharmacology Canada
  31. Dewey Educational Group Inc. or Dewey College
  32. International Language Academy of Canada Inc.
  33. LSBF Canada Inc.
  34. Living Institute
  35. Flycanadian Inc.
  36. Ottawa Aviation Services Inc.
  37. CanPacfic College of Business and English Inc.
  38. Seneca Group Inc. or Crown Academic International School
  39. TE Business and Technology College
  40. Key2Careers College of Business and Technology Inc.

The list below is a list of colleges that you should stay clear off to save time and money. If you’re planning to attend one of the schools listed on the list, you need to reconsider your decision. If you decide to enroll at one of these schools, then you must take the responsibility.

There are more colleges that are listed as being blacklisted by the government than these schools. You should conduct some of your own research about the college you’re planning to attend before you begin your enrollment process.

If you’re an international college student, then you are not eligible to apply to these colleges as the Canadian embassy in Canada doesn’t issue visas to these colleges in Canada.

Final Words

In this post, we’ve discussed the blacklisted colleges in Canada. In addition, it has been clarified what exactly is a “blacklisted” college and the reason why a college gets listed as blacklisted. If you’re thinking of moving to Canada to pursue higher studies, then you shouldn’t apply to these colleges. The reason is that the chance of getting a visa from the Canadian Embassy for these colleges is low to almost zero. To save time and money, avoid these schools for studying.

We hope that you enjoyed reading this post about the colleges that are blacklisted in Canada. Also, we hope this list can prevent you from becoming an easy victim of this type of scam. For more interesting posts like this keep visiting on our website regularly.

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