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The 5 Best Colleges For Computer Science In California

best colleges for computer science in California

Considering that an astounding 22 California institutions have received ABET accreditation in the field of computer science, ranking the best colleges for computer science in California is a challenging endeavor. There are many possibilities if you want to study computer science in California.

The top career in America, according to U.S. News & World Report, is that of a software developer, which computer science helps you prepare for. We couldn’t survive without the systems, programs, and apps that software engineers create, and they are well compensated for their work. The Occupational Outlook Handbook reports a typical yearly pay of $105,590, and these positions aren’t going anywhere. Over the next ten years, the OOH forecasts a 21% increase in jobs.

Only California’s top colleges for computer science will be discussed in this article. You can also look at College Guidepost’s rankings of the top institutions and the best value colleges nationwide for computer science. Let’s move on and travel to the lovely State of California without further ado.

The list of five best colleges for computer science in California

  • Stanford University
  • University of California-Berkeley
  • University of Southern California
  • University of California-San Diego
  • University of California-Irvine

Stanford University

Stanford University is the first institute in the list of, “best colleges for computer science in California.” A well-known university that gives students a chance to change the world is Stanford University. Nine departments, more than 240 staff members, and more than 4,000 students are housed at the School of Engineering. They contend that engineering should address social as well as technological issues. 

University of California-Berkeley

The University of California Berkeley, also known as Cal, is one of the most prestigious schools of higher learning and has a lot to offer. The presence of a top-notch faculty, educational possibilities, and closeness to the California high-tech economy must all be considered. This is a pretty interesting place to study electrical engineering and computer sciences, as the website puts it: “This proximity to the latest and trendiest technology enlivens our curriculum, giving many research and summer job chances for our students.”

UC Berkeley stands out from other institutions because it offers two distinct undergraduate degrees from two different colleges (the Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering & Computer Sciences from the College of Engineering and the Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science from the College of Letters & Science). Additionally, the graduate programs offered by EECS are among the best in the country if you desire to continue your studies.

University of Southern California

The Viterbi School of Engineering at USC is home to 5,600 graduate students and 2,700 undergraduates. “Innovative, elite, and internationally recognized for inventing new models of education, research, and commercialization that are firmly founded in real-world demands” is how the University of Southern California describes itself. It’s never too late to start, whether you’re a first-year, senior, or graduate student.

University of California-San Diego

The University of California-San Diego offers three-degree programs in computer science. A very large public four-year university is situated in a very large city. 2020 saw the graduation of 767 students majoring in Computer Science, with 435 receiving bachelor’s degrees, 294 master’s degrees, and 38 doctoral degrees.

We live in an exciting moment to pursue this major thanks to the diversity of courses geared to expose you to computer science and programming. To assist students in exploring all the difficulties this subject has to offer, choose from four bachelor’s degree programs or a range of master’s degree programs. Stay current! You may learn about on-campus and off-campus jobs and internships in your profession by joining the CS Job Announcements mailing list.

Read our other blog, “The 10 Best MBA Colleges In UK You Should Read About,” to know the top MBA colleges in UK.

California Institute of Technology

In Pasadena, California, there is a private university called the California Institute of Technology. According to U.S. News, Caltech’s graduate computer science programs are ranked 11th in the nation, but it would be first in most states. We doubt they’ll post their final place in the best universities for computer science in California ranking on the website, considering that they were formerly regarded as the second-best university in the world. So be it.

You can choose to specialize in areas like networks, robots, or machine learning at Caltech because their computer science B.S. provides 8 alternative study paths. What else distinguishes CalTech? A frightening 3:1 student-to-professor ratio, fewer than 1,000 undergraduate students, and 39 Nobel Prize winners. Not much more than that. Once you get accepted, you can start stressing about the $54,570 in tuition.

This was the last college in the list of, “best colleges for computer science in California.”

Most Popular Majors Related to Computer Science

Related MajorAnnual Graduates
Computer Information Systems4053
Information Technology2283
Computer Programming1440
Computer Software & Applications1379
Computer Systems Networking1117
Information Science516
Data Entry277
Data Processing109
Computer Systems Analysis105
Other Computer & Information Sciences83


In this blog, we have discussed the best colleges for computer science in California. It wasn’t simple to pick the top five computer science colleges in California. We have discussed why the universities are on the “best universities list for computer science in California.” 

We hope we are able to clear your queries about the “best colleges for computer science in California.”

We appreciate you visiting our website. We wish you luck as you pursue your education and career goals!


What Cal State is best for computer science?

But which CSU offers the greatest computer science programs? Programs in computer science are of the highest caliber at institutions within the California State University System. San Diego State University, however, stands out as the CSU with the highest ranking.

Which college has the best computer science program?

Columbia University (New York, NY) 
Duke University (Durham, NC)
Yale University (New Haven, CT) 
Harvard University (Cambridge, MA) 
Georgia Institute of Technology (Atlanta, GA) 
Princeton University (Princeton, NJ) 
California Institute of Technology (Pasadena, CA)

Does school matter for computer science?

Your ultimate objective will determine a lot. The school matters if you plan to build hardware or software systems. It is more important to have qualifications and specialized knowledge in the program you will troubleshoot. If it’s apps, then the coding is more important.

What is UC Berkeley known for?

One of the greatest public universities in the country and the world, UC Berkeley offers highly regarded programs in computer science, biology, and the social sciences. Additionally, UC Berkeley is regarded as one of the most inclusive and diverse campuses in the country.

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