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Study PTE academics: A complete guide

study PTE

It is very important to study PTE before understanding the PTE test completely. PTE stands for Pearson Test of English. PTE is accepted around the world by governments, professionals, and universities. In a single two hour test,PTE tests the speaking, reading, writing, and listening skills of a candidate. PTE is a computer based test.


PTE gives results within 48 hours of test takers.In addition to this , at the last minute,test takers can choose from frequent test dates and book the exam.


PTE is divided into 3 steps .All three steps consist of twenty questions types.


Speaking and writing takes 54-67 minutes. This test includes seven different question types.

STEP 2: Reading

Reading skill contains five different question types. It takes 29-30 minute.

Step3: Listening

Listening is tested withelp of a series of videos and audio clips. This step contains eight question types. This skill takes 30-43 minutes.

Some tips to study PTE

There is not any perticular template for PTE exam preparation. What might work for a person have not to be necessarily right for another person. So definitely there are two ways to prepare for PTE, preparation at home or candidate can take guidance from PTE test centre. There is no difference between preparing at home and from test center excluding environment of study, PTE exam will be same for both. If candidate do not have conducive environment or system requirements at home, can prepare at PTE test centre.

study PTE
study PTE

Here is some criteria to study PTE exam

Most of times, the candidates get confused about the direction of preparation of PTE test preparation plan. But no more worries now, we have come up with a guidance to prepare smartly for PTE test.
The following tips are given below

  • Firstly plan everything
  • Try to know your ups and downs during presentation
  • Give lots of practice test
  • Focus on your vocabulary
  • Have great concentration on your subject
  • Never neglect other subjects
  • Take best material for preparation
  • Focus on question types
  • don’t ignore error logs
  • Plan to clear exam at first attempt

Now let us discuss about how to prepare for PTE session wise. Firstly we will discuss about the writing session. In writing session,test taker should write according to given questions because your written answer will decide how writing will go.

Here are some tips to prepare for writing module as given below

  • Give attention to the punctuation
  • Do not give any examples, until asked for
  • With strong grammar and vocabulary,there is a chance that the test taker can score 90 out of 90. But also with average knowledge of grammar and vocabulary you can score near around 70.
  • Try to avoid long sentences,you need to answer the question between 35 -40 words.
  • Starting words should be capitalized.
  • Try to neglect the words I ,my,we etc .use third person to write the summary

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Now we will discuss about the tips to prepare for listening session

Listening session is based on audio and video clips, so test takers should concentrate on audio and video clips.

Here are some tips to prepare for listening session, according to question asked

  • For active listening,test takers must listen to different English songs and focus on the lyrics of each song.
  • Test taker should watch English movies and shows firstly with subtitles and then without subtitles.
  • Listening English songs and watching movies will increase vocabulary knowledge which will make more understanding of speaking and listening.
  • As listening session contains negative marking, don’t make blind guesses.
  • Since the answer could be in the end,stay focused.

Tips for preparation of speaking session

Speaking is an important skill while you are preparing for PTE here are some tips according to each question

  • Try to keep a continuous flow while speaking because if you raise your tone at the start and fall down at the end of the sentence,it will make a bad impact.
  • Dont stop speaking even if you realize that you made a mistake.Keep on speaking.
  • Start speaking after the clip ends because there is no beep at the end.
  • Close your eyes, listen to the sentence and then memorize.
  • Concentrate on keyboards and keep repeating them, if you can’t remember the whole sentence.

Tips for preparation of reading module

To prepare for reading module,you should follow tricks of have a fluency in reading , understanding and focus.Here are some important tips to prepare for reading

  • Read the passage carefully and understand the only message given in the passage .
  • Answer all the questions, don’t leave because there is no negative marking.
  • Befor reading the text,read the question first and understand the kind of information needed.
  • After reading the passage, remember the information because all the answers will be there in the passage.
  • As much as possible,narrow your answers.


In this post, we have discussed the complete guidance to study PTE(Pearson Test of English) test. The different sections of the PTE test and some great tips which can help you to achieve 80+ score in PTE test. These tips are very useful if you apply them to study PTE test.
I hope you like our post about the study PTE (Pearson Test of English Language).

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